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At Square One, we help incorporated professionals and business owners take control of their finances so they can save time, money, and be confident in navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. 

“A place where busy professionals can unload the burden and trust that things will get done accurately and with their best interest in mind.”

- Amal, Owner & Chief Accountant

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Our Story. Our Why.

Hi, I’m Amal! I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 20 years of experience in a boutique accounting firm serving small business owners and incorporated health professionals with their accounting, tax, and planning needs.

My passion for supporting people with financial health began at a young age when a distressing family emergency forced me to take charge of a financial situation.

As the daughter of first-generation immigrants to Canada, my family fell into great financial stress when my father, rushed to intensive care, suffered a massive heart attack where he awaited triple bypass surgery. The road to recovery was long, and the financial impact this had on my family was significant. I quickly took over the responsibility of figuring out resources, researching, preparing, and sending applications. 

At a young age, I saw firsthand the importance of financial literacy and planning.

At a young age, I experienced how this life event would hugely affect our finances and saw firsthand the importance of financial literacy and planning. I also realized and was intuitive to the compassionate nature of the situation and had a natural knack for navigating through this.

As an adult, I came to appreciate the influence of the strong female lead I had growing up – my mother Jamile. She skillfully navigated what I now know to be the world of cash flow. With hard work, planning, budgeting, and cash-flow management, my mom naturally managed finances for our family of ten (yes – 10!). She managed to keep our home running smoothly with their limited resources and somehow had a rainy-day fund for every broken appliance, car repair, birthday, wedding, or graduation gift.

My life experience instilled foundational financial values, and years of professional expertise inspired my passion for helping others to start Square One.

I founded Square One to bridge the gaps in traditional accounting practices offering a personalized, integrated, and collaborative approach to true financial well-being.

Amal Assad, CPA, CGA, CFP
Owner & Chief Accountant

Your Expert Accounting Partner

About Square One

Square One is a female-led, privately held professional accounting firm based in Canada.

We provide accounting, personal, and corporate tax services, planning, and consulting solutions for health professionals and small business owners.

We differentiate ourselves by offering in-house tailored solutions and a holistic approach to integrating personal and business finances, which is integral to the owner-managed business.

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Square One offers in-house tailored accounting solutions.

Done with you, for you. 

Holistic approach - Accounting and Finance integration

One-stop shop of services for the business life cycle

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taking the time to truly get to know our clients

cultivating relationships based on trust and connection

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