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Business Planning And Growth

Financial Experts In Your Corner When You Need It The Most

Feeling overwhelmed, lost, or stressed with navigating through a big personal or business transition? Work with Square One to guide you step-by-step in making informed decisions about your business growth, performance, and sustainability.

D Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Are you thinking of buying a business? Entering a new partnership? Due diligence is the first step to managing your business risk.

S Sales of Business

Sales of Business

Avoid surprises - work with our team of experts to understand tax implications and plan for transactions in advance.

B Business Expansion & Asset Purchase

Business Expansion & Asset Purchase

Have confidence by obtaining qualified support with business transactions including reorganizations, amalgamations, and asset purchases.

F Financial Projections & Financing

Financial Projections & Financing

Be prepared by ensuring your financials are squared up and in tip top shape for audits, lenders, and other financing needs.

P Personal Life Changes

Personal Life Changes

Lean on us to guide you through the financial and tax considerations of major life changes, including changes in family dynamics, moving, education and home savings and estate planning.

C CRA Review + Audit Support

CRA Review + Audit Support

Rely on us to minimize the risk of CRA reviews. Working with our team means having neat, tax-ready financials, on-time filings, and accurate records.

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